A Trusted Brand for Over 35 Years.

Established in New York City, DIGITS® achieved worldwide recognition as an inventive leader in the design, manufacturing & distribution of jewelry watches in the 1980s-1990s.

Founded in 1987 as an expansion line under our successful Bonetto watch company, DIGITS® became the most prominent ring watchmaker in the world. Featured in major fashion magazines, newspapers, and catalogs, ranging from the New York Times to WWD’s Accessories, DIGITS® attained its reputation as a highly acclaimed accessory brand in the costume jewelry & timepiece industry.

DIGITS® continues its leading position in jewelry/watch innovation & production, along with combining its strong commitment to quality while focusing on unique design. DIGITS® has been dedicated to preserving & offering each distinctive finger timepiece’s authentic vintage version from the 80s-90s. The brand has stayed true to its roots by remaining a family NYC-based company, under the direction of its second generation.

Each treasured DIGITS® model transcends its physical framework and takes on a personal meaning or sentiment. Whether a one-of-a-kind gift or worn for a special occasion, a DIGITS® timepiece has frequently marked an extraordinary & memorable moment in time.


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